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Zee5 Bamfaad 2020 Movie Download, Review Trailer, Cast Crew

Bamfaad Movie -

Zee5 Bamfaad 2020 Movie Download, Review Trailer, Cast Crew
Zee5 Bamfaad 2020 Movie 

Cast & Crew-

Artists: Aditya Rawal, Shalini Pandey, Shivam Mishra, Sana Amin Sheikh, Jatin Sarna, Vijay Kumar and Vijay Verma.

Director: Ranjan Chandel
Producer: Jar Pictures and Shaika Films
OTT: Zee 5
IMDb Rating: Click Here

Bamfaad Movie Review -

Pichcher, Salima Kaho or film, watching theater is more fun. He has an attitude of his own. In the same way, as in Kanpur, Unnao, Allahabad Katta is made. The film Bamphad is a film of all new casts. Hero is new. Heroine is new. The director is new. And, it is also new that the tag of Anurag Kashyap presenters comes first in it. Who made the film opens after their horoscope film is over. The film itself tells what happens when Yes is turned 'No'. By the way, the fun of the film's performance would have been very accurate if, while making it, it would have been understood that 315 bore katta should not be called 12 bore katta.

Zee5 Bamfaad 2020 Movie Download, Review Trailer, Cast Crew

Well, let's start a review of the film. From there, where we left the end of the trailer review. The boy is really very bad. Having grown up, Amitabh also has the qualities of becoming a Bachchan. It is a saying to grow up to be Amitabh Bachchan. Leaving the hanging hanging around and when a boy goes ahead and tries to change his destiny from Tadbir, Unnao says in the side, it will grow up to be Amitabh Bachchan. The story is similar to that of Nate. Neelam, who started doing cultural programs in Jigar Faridi's harem while doing cultural programs told by her aunt, falls in love with her at first sight. Now the nuts are crazy. Neelam is also not walking. And, Jigar Faridi has come to know.
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Again? Then what, lay conspiracy and politics on politics. Everyone is ready to help each other, but in this gripe, the writer forgets that who is the hero, who is the heroine and who is the villain? He forgets to make the hero a hero in the climax. And, making Villain into Villain. The name Hanjala Shahid is also included with Ranjan Chandel, in this crime, then he becomes more responsible. If the takeoff of the film Bampad is as big as the flight and landing would have been, the film could have gone from doom to doom this year. But, by mentioning the meaningless love of love jihad and turning the pages of films like Ishq, Maine Pyar Kiya to Ishq Mohabbat, this film opens the way to a sequel itself.

Zee5 Bamfaad 2020 Movie Download, Review Trailer, Cast Crew

Ranjan Chandel tried to make a big film in a small budget, this is his real victory. Are making a debut in the film world, so obviously there will be less support and more lame killers. One such lamenger gave him the suggestion to put Anurag Kashyap on the label cover and now all the reviews will be of his Anurag's film understanding.

It is completely Aditya Rawal's film in terms of acting. Probably this will be the first star kid, to see in which his father is not looking for his image. Otherwise, everyone from Amishek Bachchan to Jahnavi Kapoor has been measured with this yard foot inch. The boy is really a diamond. Now the jeweler will have to choose it very carefully and handle the story more than that. There is a different kind of current in Aditya's acting, which is more sensible to watch than to read. Shalini also managed to leave an impact with Arjun Reddy's mixtape of his simplicity and mischievous style.

Zee5 Bamfaad 2020 Movie Download, Review Trailer, Cast Crew

Among the other cast members of Bamphad, Vijay Verma got the role of Quaid for the first time, which he also played in the style of Irrfan Khan. But, they will understand that their testing time has started now. If you miss the film Jigar Faridi achieved, it is his loss. Jatin Sarna should also avoid rolling the same number of times. In the rest of the cast, Vijay Kumar's work in the role of Shahid Jamal is strong, similarly Sanjeev Bhattacharya plays the role of honest Daroga Chaurasia. Priyank Tiwari as Rajib Mehndi, Amarjeet Singh in the role of Sanam, who sold the Triple X CD, and Sana Amin Sheikh in the role of Walia also faithfully performed their work.

The film's second weak link after the story and screenplay is its music. If the hero is a serious type, then how music can support the film, it should be learned from Prakash Mehra's film Zanjeer. A song like Pran filmed here could be on Nasir Faridi and a song like Gulshan Bawra on Parrot and Walia. Vishal Mishra should also come out of his unruly intellectual shell and take some new lyricists along to create Awadh-colored music.

Bamfaad Movie Trailer-

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