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Voot: Arshad Varasi ,Asur Web Series Download | Trailer,Review

Asur Web Series Review:

Voot: Arshad Varasi ,Asur Web Web Series Download | Trailer,Review
Voot: Arshad Varasi, Asur Web Web Series Download | Trailer,Review

Cast & Crew-

Artists: Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Anupriya Goenka, Riddhi Dogra, Sharib Hashmi, Ameya Wagh, Pawan Chopra, Gaurav Arora, Deepak Kajir, Vishesh Bansal, Devyans Tapuria etc.

Story, Screenplay and Dialogue: Gaurav Shukla, Vinay Chawal, Niren Bhatt

Director: Oni Sen

OTT: Voot
IMDb Rating: Click Here

Asur Web Series Review-

The end is the beginning of the beginning, that is, the end. As for the quality, narrative and creation of the three series that aired on Netflix of Viacom 18 Studios company Tipping Point, Asura debuts on Viacom's own OTT boot. The tradition of weaving stories connecting mythology to today's life has been seen in many of Hollywood's finest films. South Indian cinema has also woven this category of cinema neatly. Now it's Hindi. This eight-episode series of Voot is conceived by Gaurav Shukla, so the most congratulations are made to him, along with Vinay and Niren of the writing team are also eligible for piety.

The fifth episode of the series has a dialogue, "Being good is the worst thing to date." In order to be called bad in society, all people have to do well, this is also true. A Brahmin who performs rituals in Varanasi is killed by his son. He is memorized by Shrimad Bhagwatgita. But, father used to call him Asura. Its IQ level is 139. Dhananjay Rajput, head of the CBI's forensic team, finds a corpse hanging in the field, with his index finger amputated. Some such murders have recently taken place. Nikhil, who once worked with Dhananjay, resigned from the CBI and is working in the FBI in the US. CBI Chief Shashank Awasthi keeps asking him to return to his homeland again and again. If the series of murders continues, Nikhil comes to India and arrests Dhananjay in the crime of killing his wife. Dhananjay is also surprised that the mutilated corpse of the woman he post-mortemed was that of his wife.

The premium content on OTT Voot has started with two series named Asura and Marji. Asura's story starts to take effect after the first two episodes and the story till the seventh episode does not let you rest again. The last episode got a bit lengthy and the story looked shattered as well. But due to Corona, if you are spending time at home, then you can watch this series binge. If Dhananjay, who is in jail, leaves abuses for the third episode from a prisoner, the rest of the series is clean and can also be seen on home smart TV.
Like the series special ops of Hot Star, there is not a huge budget here, but here the story is the star. The battle of the Suras and the Asuras, the stories of Vishnu Purana, Kali's sending messages to Kalki to incarnate, are all neatly woven into the story. The story also strikes a deep blow on the current environment and that religion can still cause attachment. From his discourses, one can create such an army of devotees who are ready to do anything for him without considering it appropriate. The series ends without explaining why the murderer cuts the index finger of the people. Perhaps the answer will be found next season.

In the web series Asura Digital Content, a new kind of content is called, just like Tumbad big screen. Here the trio of Gaurav, Vinay and Niren have created such an elusive form of evil nature in which it can come in any form. The idea here is the villain. Director Oni Sen, along with his cinematographer Satyak Bhattacharya, editor Charu Bump and background music producer Dharam Bhatt, have definitely managed to get at least eight out of ten in order to take a scripted story off screen. There is little room for improvement in the dialogues of the series. If the auspicious Sanskriti speaks Hindi, he will never say 'meet soon', he will say, 'will meet soon'. There are other dialogues that weaken the character of Shubh.

Arshad Warsi has done a brilliant job in his digital debut in terms of acting. Arshad's original talent is rarely used in Hindi cinema. Directors like Raj Kumar Hirani and Anees Bazmee have cast a comedian on him. His best acting film so far has been Sahar, now the web series Asura has also been included in that list. Barun Sobti is the hero of this web series. As much as he has got the opportunity to show his acting in this film, no other artist has got it. And, he also met this test. Anupriya Goenka is once again in a troubled female character, she should avoid doing such characters again and again. Riddhi Dogra impresses in Nusrat's character more than him. After The Family Man, Sharib Hashmi has acted once again. Amey Wagh's real work comes out in the finale episode.

Prime Video's series Breath set a standard in the digital world. This is the standard, without taking off the clothes of the male or female and without showing them the bed we are presenting on the screen. Sacred Games managed to win the first season by catching the path of Ekta Kapoor, but its second season fell flat due to the same. The weak aspect of Imtiaz Ali's Xi is that he was caught trying to become Anurag Kashyap. Neeraj Pandey kept away from it in special ops and here by Asura's creative team at Asura. The level of Hindi web series is gradually becoming international level on the right

Asur Web Series Trailer-

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