Brahms:The Boy 2 Movie Review, cast & Crew, Release Date, Story

Brahms:The Boy 2 Movie Review, cast & Crew, Release Date, Story
Brahms:The Boy 2 Movie Review, cast & Crew, Release Date, Story


Besides some leap scares and the sporadic unsettling visuals, you won’t get much bang for your buck as a horror fan, due to this film's frustrating narrative. 

Cast & Crew

William Brent Bell-Director
Katie Holmes-Actor
Owain Yeoman-Actor
Ralph Ineson-Actor
Natalie Moon-Actor
Tom Rosenberg-Producer
Gary Lucchesi-Producer
Eric Reid-Producer
Richard S. Wright-Producer
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Horror, MyStory, Thriller

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A younger household moves into the Heelshire Mansion where the son befriends a life-like doll named Brahms, in this sequel to ‘The Boy’ (2016). 

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The takeover follows the events of 'The Boy', Liza (Katie Holmes), her husband Sean (Owain Yeoman), and their son Jude (Christopher Convery) entering the lobby of the Heelshire Mansion. There, Jude falls in love with a healthy doll named Brahms, and begins to work to show his mother and father's uncomfortable behavior, as they try to contact the little boy to find out what's going on with him.

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Katie Holmes has been out of a lead role for a while, and she faithfully brings her character to life. Holmes has made it easy to empathize with his mother, Liza, who is troubled by the events at the beginning of the film. This is also attributed to son Jude, and Christopher Convery is not as adorable as the little boy battling his demons. It also helps that the character is like a little doll, who makes for some pretty creative stuff. Owain Yeoman as father Sean is not very active within the story, yet Ralph Ineson is at the top as Joseph in his short role. The cinematography of the movie and the production diagram can prevail in creating a complex environment in between.

Besides, there are major problems with the film's layout, especially in act 2. The film drags on preventing any major plot developments, and even though we see the impact Brahms has on Jude, it doesn't get enough. Without a single sequence involving bullying, the movie kicks in as it focuses on 1/3 action, especially the climax, which raises big questions only in a frustrating way. The full setup will be wasted with the help of this feature because director William Brent Bell has been given a controversial script by composer Stacey Menear. The writer has also worked on the first film and, ironically, prefers to direct his own story. Even if you haven't watched 'The Boy', the film makes sense to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but miss it in the end. Aside from some climbing and bizarre sporadic visuals, you won't get the full bulk of your lab as a horny fan.

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